About Me

Kimberley Buller

Kimberley Buller was born and raised in the city of Vancouver, Canada. From a young age, she developed strong goals and went for them. Photography at first was only a passion but she is now the proud owner of K Buller Photography.

Something very important to Kim is family. Kim is an aunt of two beautiful girls, Alison and Kayla. Very early on, she realized that getting the opportunity to have memories that will last a lifetime is incredibly special. Which is what has brought her here to this point; photography. To combine her art with these special moments and being a part of something great.

Kim for the last two years has been studying horticulture. The study of landscapes, plants, soils, insects, and much more. This in turn has contributed to her photography skills with landscape, nature and macro because she truly understands her subject.

On her off time you will find Kim hiking, camping or of course taking photos!

If you are looking for a photographer that is very passionate in her craft, easy to work with, and fun to be around, then Kim is your girl.





Tel: (604) 328-3648

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