Hi there! I'm Kim

A travelling photographer from Vancouver, Canada.​

3 years ago, I made the big decision to get my first camera and to go off on an adventure! I didn't know what would come of the trip but I wanted clarity, and I got that and so much more!


  When I am not out travelling, I am likely with one of my lovely clients, spending time with my family, or prepping for the next season!

A few kind words from

Flavia Cionca

  Demetrius and I cannot thank Kim enough for the incredible work she did as a photographer at our wedding! Every photo she took is full of LIFE and clearly reveals her passion for photography! I asked if she could capture certain details, and she missed nothing, capturing them all with heart and soul. And, as others have commented, she is extremely fun and easy to work with, with a genuinely sweet, cheerful disposition that not only put us at ease, but made us feel like she was an old friend there to celebrate the day with us.

  As if that wasn’t enough, her work ethic and dedication absolutely astonished us: to capture the best nature shots she was perfectly happy to hike for as long as was needed to find the best vantage points! When we said she didn’t have to go to such lengths, she simply responded, “Oh it’s no problem at all – it’s just part of my job”!

Being out in the world, in the mountains, under the sea and souring through the air is when I am my happiest. Especially when it is somewhere I have never been!

Being an aunt is one of the reasons I enjoy working with families, kids, and babies. 

You will often hear me say "let's capture some candid moments!" Because an authentic happy smile is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

Very often I find myself in Penticton at least once a month or every other month for photoshoots and to visit my brother, sister-in-law and two beautiful nieces!

(the third one coming May 2021!)


It just gave me this look of excitement and I could tell all it wanted was some nice scratches behind the ears and a pat. Which, funny enough, was exactly the case! Afterwards for the next kilometer, this little bull followed me as I continued to give it some much needed attention.

  Another big passion of mine is animals! If you bring your dog or cat to your photoshoot, I will be your best friend. Animals just have such a pure love to them.

  There was a time when I was doing a multi-day backpacking trek through Switzerland, when about 20ft away, a bull walked in front of the path where my travel companion and I were heading.

If you would like to get to know me more, I regularly post on Facebook, Instagram and blogs!

Or feel free to send me a message to say hi. I promise I'm friendly!


I look forward to capturing your lifelong memory!

See you soon.

*I am currently available only in Canada with respect to the COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations