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Stress is Normal

It is probably going to sound weird but stress is normal. Yes, everyone has stress time to time but when you just launch a company there are pressures you feel that you don't even realize as you are putting a company together. Just after completing my website and announcing my company I instantly had this feeling of “Oh god”. Why? Well that's easy for me to explain. It's like you get so caught up in the process of creating a company. You think of all the things you are going to do, all the things you are going to accomplish and then when the moment comes and you start thinking things like “I can't make mistakes” “What now?” And for the first little bit it hits you. Starting a company isn't easy. There are a lot of responsibilities when creating one.

Let's start with number one. Product. What are you selling? Do you have a manufacturer? What quality are you looking for? Ironically today I had a last minute meeting with my manufacturer to test the quality of a few prints. When you order in bulk you want to make sure exactly what you are going to receive. I was really excited. I had this feeling going in today that once I see my prints, all green lights and then it is off to the print. But then I saw them and the quality was not what I wanted. Something so important for me is putting a product out that I, myself would like to buy. Yes, with any company margins are important. But quality and putting something out that you are proud of is just as important.

What happens if you put out a product that you know could be better but you put it out anyways? One good review and a person will tell a few people. One bad review and that person will tell everyone!

Another common thing you will hear me say in my blogs is don't be complacent. Stress is normal in the sense that if I am not working to find my next retailer or finding my next means to increase production in my business then I am not doing everything I can. Think about it like this. Owning a company is more than just having a job because you are responsible for everything. Your success is relative to how hard you work.

Finally there is one other thing that I noticed and it has absolutely loomed is making the first sale. When making a company you are constantly putting out money. When does the return come? The answer is I'm not sure. You can worry about it or you can keep working hard!

I am the driver of my own life and I know that although this industry takes a lot of time and effort I am a step closer to my dream. Happiness is something since discovering photography I have put first on my list. If I am seeing someone and they don't make me happy then I'm sorry there are other people I will see. That being said if I am want to see you it means that I value you in my life. Same goes with other aspects. If I have fun doing an activity, traveling, photography, all of those things I am going to put all of my best effort to do them because I'm ready to create something in my life that I am proud of.

Let's take a look at Thomas Edison. His teacher told him that he was “too stupid to learn”. You can take a criticism like that and let it hurt or you can see it in a more positive light. As famously quoted by Edison, “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways it won't work.”

As mentioned in my last blog of How to Fail, failure is inevitable and success is never guaranteed. Now, I would like to change that notion. Success is not outlined. If you feel like you have accomplished something great then that is truly what matters. Take the little successes you get. Notice them. Appreciate them. Because having a positive mindset will take you so far!

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