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Starting a Dream

There's always those stories out there. "Get your dream job," or "Travel and get paid," and "no more 8 to 5." But how is it attainable?

Hi, my name is Kimberley Buller. I am a travelling photographer born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Join me on my journey on how you can live your dream life.

Now let me clarify on thing to start things off. This venture is a new one for me. For the last year I have been working and studying as a horticulturist. An individual that studies plants, insects, soils and much more. Which leads me to where I am now; photography. Although I am very capable of most styles of photography, landscape, nature, and macro are what I find most interesting when lining up for a photo.

At first, when I started, I was like anyone. "My phone doesn't take the quality of photo I am looking for. " So I bought my first camera, the Canon EOS 77D with the EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens. I was incredibly surprised of the photos I was able to create. I fell in love with this art. Moving out, exploring and finding that next photo. Within 2 weeks of starting not even professionally but as a hobby, I was published in VOGUE. Then I realized maybe I'm on to something. How can I make this work? And the answer is simple; hard work. Lots of it. One of the first things I would recommend is get your name out there, take a chance, network. People want to hire a reputable person and so your best advocate and sales person is yourself. Someone is trying to take a photo in a public place, offer to take their picture, give them a business card. Because by doing that you have created a positive experience for that person and they will tell people about you.

Further to the point of getting your name out the next thing on my list is social media. I will be the first to say that starting new accounts is hard. Gaining those followers (organically) will take time. Create real interaction. Think of a follower as a future potential client. Each person wants to interact with real and genuine people. And it's important that you are! Most businesses will not become successful. Don't create something because you are looking for a quick buck. Do it because you truly love what you do, that you're willing to put those long hours in and work hard. It won't be a success overnight, but if you put your all into it, anything can happen.

Every Monday, I will be releasing a blog on my journey of the K Buller Photography business. I'll be sharing here my successes, how I got there, my challenges, how I have overcome them, and of course, my inside scoop to photography. It's easy to say the things I have done right. You look online and plenty of YouTube videos are out there on how to succeed. But you never see or hear how to fail. Over the course of this next year, I am of course going to make mistakes. There are two responses you can have give up or keep going and learn. I want you to be able to live out your dream life just as I am now able to do.

So in conclusion, welcome to my blog. I am incredibly excited to share my journey with you. For information on how I take or edit my photos go ahead and follow my Instagram @kbullerphotography where I tell you everything.

See you Monday!

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