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About us

About Us

Hi ! I`m Kim

A model, photographer and 3D Lighting and Compositing Artist over the course of more than 5 years ! 

I was introduced in the world of remotes back in 2020, where I worked on set as an assistant. But now, at the end of 2023, I have decided to return to the art of modeling scene after a couple year break.


In that time I have develeopped as an artist in other genres and seek out ways to express it with other like minded creatives.


In the last couple of years I have been honored to work in the 3D animation world for productions with Disney, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Lighting both in 3D and in exterior setups is a big passion of mine. I am always happy to create custom lighting setups in my remote photoshoots, so please feel free to ask. 


I look forward to meeting in the future ! 


Bonjour, I'm Pierre !

I moved to Canada from France in 2018 to pursue my dream of becoming a 3D Lighting artist. I've always been fascinated with how light can be used for storytelling in a shot, from guiding the spectator's eye, to creating emotions.

Since working in the 3D animation world, I've seen many different lighting situations from inside shot to outside, scary to funny, energetic to very calm and touching, and having to transmit that emotion through my lighting. 
Color theory is also a huge aspect of my work to marry the right colors together and create an even more powerful look.

I will be happy to bring my expertise in your photoshoot and help you achieve the look you are dreaming of. 

Looking forward to collaborating,


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